Saturday, July 25, 2009


This marks the final edition of “World Baseball Today.” After 16 months and 87 programs since November 2007, we will become “Baseball Mexico,” beginning August 2.

“Baseball Mexico” will be very similar to “World Baseball Today” in length and format, and will continue to air every Sunday at 10:30AM Eastern on Radio Miami International at 9955 kHz and online at However, there WILL be changes.

The obvious change will be the narrowing of programming focus to Mexican professional baseball. Mexico is the world’s only country in which pro ball is played all year long, and BBM will focus on both the Mexican League during the spring and summer and the Mexican Pacific League during the fall and winter, as well as Mexican players in Major League Baseball. BBM will also include features such as the “Mexican Baseball Road Trip,” in which all 24 Mexican baseball cities are profiled, histories of Mexico and Mexican baseball, and “Maestros of Mexico,” where 50 of Mexico’s most important figures in baseball (on and off the field) will be profiled.

Thanks to everyone who has followed WBT, and I hope you’ll make the move to BBM.  Our new email address is

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  1. I was just checking your blog and you said “Mexico is the only country in the world where pro-baseball is played all year long”. This is a little incorrect as here in the ROC pro-baseball is also played all year long. Just as in a few other countries I could mention.